Complete Property Management Solutions

Offering peace of mind to Property Owners.

Iconic Realty Group dedicates itself to being proactive, professional, and accessible, and we are committed to protecting your investment. We do this by developing positive relationships with your tenants and creating personalised real estate solutions for every property.

Our difference is that we genuinely care about our clients. We are committed to managing your property and ensuring tenants are comfortable. We achieve this by treating your tenants with respect and defining their responsibilities towards the property from the onset.

Our vetting process reveals trustworthy tenants that will allow your investment to prosper, while our management approach minimises tenant turnover.

Our service offering includes:

      Tenant sourcing and vetting

      Property management

      Marketing vacancies

      Safety compliance 

      Property maintenance

      Inspection reporting

      And more

We’ve got you covered.


Protect Your Investment, Gain Peace of Mind

Our complete solutions cover all aspects of property management, giving you a stress-free way to outsource your Property Owner duties.

At Iconic Realty Group, we genuinely care about our clients and their properties and tenants. As such, we are committed to preserving the value of your property through proper management and thorough tenant vetting. 


Happy Tenants, Happy Life

Our Property Owners come first, but we always prioritise tenant safety, comfort, and security. In building such positive relationships with your tenants, we ensure that tenant turnover is kept to a minimum and all issues are resolved professionally and efficiently.

Our vetting process means that we find trustworthy, long-term tenants, and we set expectations regarding their responsibility to care for your property. By setting such a standard, we protect your investment. 


Professional Property Sales

As locals to the North Lakes, Beachmere, and Bribie areas, we know the beauties and comforts of these hidden gems. The lifestyle of these areas is one we enjoy greatly, and we are eager to share it with you.

No matter if you are looking to invest in a property or a buyer searching for a perfect home, we can help.


Get in touch with us to learn more about how.